Hey there! It's Florencia here. In my art, I love mixing a bit of minimalism with a splash of maximalism. It's all about finding that sweet spot to create pieces that truly resonate. Dive into my world and see how I bring these contrasting styles together in each artwork. Hope you enjoy it as much as I love creating it!

Blurring the lines between painting and sculpture, my artworks are an exploration of height and depth, movement, and texture. Both minimalist and maximalist, my abstract sculptures evoke an emotional and sensory reaction. Delicious dimensions, succulent shapes, and tantalizing textures that are raw and ravishing.

Every artwork I create is like an open door, inviting you to dive in and explore. From the deep, mesmerizing layers to the playful textures that feel almost edible, there's always something new to discover. I love playing around with materials, feeling their textures, and seeing how they move and flow. The results? Artworks that can feel light as air or rich and deep, all depending on how the light hits them.

One of the most special things about my art is the spontaneity behind it. Unlike most things in life where we're constantly planning, scheduling, and strategizing, my art is all about being in the moment. I don’t sketch in advance or follow any recipes. It's pure, unfiltered creativity flowing from me to the canvas. This approach is so liberating. In a world where everything is pre-planned and predictable, creating art in this way is my escape. It's a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful outcomes arise from unpredictability.

This spontaneous process not only brings a unique authenticity to each piece but also offers me a therapeutic space. It's a practice in mindfulness, in letting go, and in embracing the unexpected. And I believe that this raw, unplanned essence is what resonates with so many who encounter my work. It's a celebration of the here and now, and the magic that can unfold when we simply let ourselves be.

My artwork is both weightless and full-bodied.

Totally touchable. 



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