Growing up, I was that kid who was always crafting something with my hands. Fast forward a few years, and I found myself diving deep into the world of architecture and design. It was all about creating spaces that weren’t just functional but also beautiful. But, to be honest, while I loved the design part, the technical bits sometimes felt like a drag.

Then, a game-changer: I bought my first home. And oh boy, did I have fun renovating it! It was like my crafty childhood self was back in action. I was mixing paints, playing with plasters, and just getting my hands dirty. And as I worked on my home, I fell in love with the raw textures – the shine of tiles, the rough feel of concrete, and the gritty touch of plaster.

I went for white walls, which felt so open and expansive. Added some dark décor here and there, which gave it a calm, controlled vibe. But, you know what? It still felt like something was missing. It needed that personal touch, that unique flair. It needed art.

I looked everywhere for the perfect piece but couldn’t find anything that matched our vision. So, I thought, why not create it myself? I went back to my construction materials, experimented a lot, and finally found a style that was so me.

Now, I've got people from all over the world loving the feel and look of my artworks. It’s all about the sensory experience – the textures, the emotions, the raw energy. And the best part? Every piece I make feels like a new adventure, pushing me to try new things and express myself in different ways.

So, if you're into art that's a mix of the traditional and the bold, come check out my work. I promise it's a treat for the senses!