As a multidisciplinary artist, I’ve spent a lifetime working with different mediums and creating spatial arrangements. First as a craftaholic child using my hands to design and make things, then as an architect and designer, using these skills to create spaces that were functional and beautiful. 

Architecture allowed me to think about design and space on a large scale. To visualize and plan how a building or layouts would function on their own, and in relation to their environment. Designing allowed me some creative freedoms, but I felt weighed down by the technical side of my work. 

Then my partner and I bought our first home and began renovating. My inner craftaholic relished the opportunity to get her hands dirty again. Using tools and brushes, paints, plasters and grout, to mold and repair and create new from old. 

As we worked, I found myself inspired by the raw, natural textures. The sheen of glossy paints and tiles. And the light, gritty texture of concrete, plaster and grout. One step at a time, our house began to feel like home.

Far from bland, our white walls felt vast and open. Dark décor peppered the interior, adding accents that make me feel calm and in control. But something was missing. Texture. Personality. 

It was missing art.

I searched and searched for art that complemented our vision. Minimalist approach, with maximalist impression. Tantalizing textures. Gratifying gestures. Delicious depth and dynamism. I couldn’t find it. So, I created it. 

Returning to my construction materials, I found joy in experimentation and play. After months and months of trialing different combinations, processes, and materials, I uncovered a way to create my vision. And this makes up my signature style today. 

Now collectors around the world have connected with the sensory pleasures of the work. They’re recognizing the raw power within the free-flowing strokes. Uncovering emotions from within the textural layers. And I’ve found a renewed sense of freedom and confidence, inspiring others to create, share and connect.

Delicious and distinct. My artwork is a blend of traditional and non-traditional materials in a series of audacious artistic sculptures. Each one unique. Every new piece pushes me to new limits. Encouraging me to interact with the materials in new ways to create additional effects and express myself freely.

Join me and enjoy the sensory pleasures and tantalizing textures for yourself.