• Spume Neon Yellow
  • Spume Neon Yellow
  • Spume Neon Yellow

Spume Neon Yellow

Regular price €450,00

Mixed Media on Wooden Board



The Spume series is all about rich, robust textures, delicate dabs, and mouth-watering movement.

Threading them together is a subtle, matt finish that devours the light, drawing you in. Begging you to investigate the push and pull between the shapes and shadows. Inviting you to explore the foamy and delicate, the crunch and the grit. Tempting you to touch the full-bodied flicks and the dark, inky waves.

I’ve experimented with the thickness of the mediums and rich pigments to add fullness and gravity to these handmade sculptural pieces. While at the same time, playing with expressive, gestural strokes to add spontaneity and airiness.

They’re perfect for people wanting a unique statement piece that stimulates conversation and creates space to pause, explore and wonder. And the minimalist, monochromatic palette accents any décor.

Express yourself with an alluring abstract from the Spume series.